The Little Angel Nebula – Oil on canvas

48” x 30”

The little angel nebula is based upon emission nebulae which usually appear pink in colour.

Nebula is a Latin word which means ‘Cloud’. Nebulae in context of universe are interstellar clouds that are made of plasma, helium, hydrogen and dust. They are usually formed by gravitational collapse of gasses in the interstellar medium. The particles that collapse have their own gravitational attraction and they clump together to form these clouds.

Nebulae are enormous structures that stretch over hundreds of light years across and they are often referred to as star nurseries of the universe because stars often form inside the nebulae. According to scientists, gas and dust inside these nebulae squash together under their own gravitational pull. As a result, the clouds start contracting and get denser. The denser they become, the hotter they get. Eventually they become so hot that hydrogen present in them gets ignited and new stars comes to life.

When a star forms inside a nebula, ultraviolet rays are emitted and the entire nebula is lit up, resulting in what is known as emission nebula. Emission nebulae are usually pink or red in color because of the sizzling hot particle rays but they can have other colors.

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Little Angel Nebula – Oil on canvas

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