From Nuclei to Nebulae – Oil on canvas

48” x 24”

From Nuclei to Nebulae is a painting inspired by “reflection nebulae”.

Apart from emission nebulae which usually appear pink in colour, we have other types of nebulae known as the reflection nebulae. They are so named because they do not emit their own light. They only reflect the light from the nearby stars. Reflection nebulae appear blue in color

In astronomy, reflection nebulae are clouds of interstellar dust which might reflect the light of a nearby star or stars. The energy from the nearby stars is insufficient to ionize the gas of the nebula to create an emission nebula, but is enough to give sufficient scattering to make the dust visible. Thus, the frequency spectrum shown by reflection nebulae is similar to that of the illuminating stars. Among the microscopic particles responsible for the scattering are carbon compounds (e. g. diamond dust) and compounds of other elements such as iron and nickel. The latter two are often aligned with the galactic magnetic field and cause the scattered light to be slightly polarized.

An interesting phenomenon is that presence of reflection nebula means the presence of an emission nebula somewhere close

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From Nuclei to Nebulae – Oil on Canvas

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