Cathrin Machin was born in the West Midlands, England on October 18 – the youngest child of an inventive working-class couple. Her father was a mechanic, who later adopted oil painting as a past time, encouraging her to learn how to paint from a young age. And in her early life, Cathrin would spend evening sat with her mother watching science documentaries, which lead to a life-long fascination with all things scientific.

During her early teen years, she has painted many pieces of commissioned artwork, first for family and friends, and later for a growing client list. It was during this time that the seed of her own exhibition started to grow.

Cathrin attended the Trinity Art College, part of NULC, to study fine art and graphic design, and in addition to this studied mathematics, and physic. Beyond there, she moved on to study mechanical engineering at Loughborough University which she eventually left to pursue a dream career in the video games industry.

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From a graphic designer to a 3D character artist to leading a large global team in the video games industry, her decade-long career saw her move from England to Australia and culminated in her team’s game, winning “Best Australian Video Game 2015” in the IGN Black beta awards. 2016 saw her move into a director position at her own company alongside her partner. It was this change that afforded her the time and flexibility to paint when inspiration strikes.

After the shocking discovery that each painting had sold within 24 hours of posting online, and with an inbox brimming with requests for commissioned pieces -It was clear from there that she was finally able to fulfill her childhood ambition – and host her own exhibition.

About Cathrin Machin

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